18 – 21 May 2023

CyberGlace ice rink, Monéteau, France

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Since its creation in 2012, the “Moins 5 Festival” invites you to see the ice as a partner in the game! This year, it offers dance, a one-man show, theater and performance, but also a debate on the decarbonation of ice rinks, 2 open stages and 2 public artistic activities.

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Thursday, May 18

Open stage #1

The open stage is a space-time in front of an audience offered to professional artists or in the process of professionalization. Each selected artist has a maximum of ten minutes during which he can present to the public an artistic form - part of show, solo, collective choreographic pieces etc. Proposals must be sent in video to contact@moins5.org or on audition at the CyberGlace rink, by appointment. Interested? Contact us!


Vertical Influences – Le Patin Libre

We hosted this contemporary skating company from Quebec in 2009 in a residency in Monéteau and we created together the 1st edition of the festival entitled « -5°C on stage ». Since then, Le Patin Libre has made a remarkable career with prestigious collaborations with the “Centre des Arts du Canada” or “Le Théâtre de la Ville de Paris”.

75 minutes with break

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Friday, May 19

The energy control of ice rink – NewPatinAge – in French

Thierry Vœgeli offers a technical popularizing talk about ice rink process and how to consider “zero carbon” ice rinks. It is about explaining that skating is not necessarily an activity more energy consuming than another; and it has to be known!

60 minutes


Heureux soient les fêlés – François Mallet – in French

François Mallet performs at the Comédie des 3 Bornes theater in Paris where he presents this one-man show. Selected pieces of a young existence characterized by this perpetual urgency of life where he swings between madness and sensibility; daily business when one rubs up against the skating world.

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ArtS sur Glace – Moins 5

This show written by Alexandre Riccitelli, founder of Moins 5, offers to consider skating differently. Circus, dance, singing and a touch of humour surround this show where ice is the source. Professional artists at the mercy of an art in (r)evolution.

55 minutes

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Saturday, May 20

L'Homme-Lames – Moins 5 – in French

This comedy written by Valérie Durin is a story about an 8-year-old boy waiting for his coach on Stalingrad Avenue. His sports career until the Olympic Games, and then what? Alexandre has passed the age of 50 and he has decided to clean up his mind a bit. It's about time!

70 minutes

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Open stage #2


Session with Le Patin Libre

Quebec artists from the Le Patin Libre that you saw at the opening of the festival offer a welcoming animation with surprises, accessible to everyone during the traditional evening public session from 21:00 to midnight. The opportunity to meet warm and generous skaters on the ice to party and dance.

Sunday, May 21

Public workshop with some of the artists

The artists offer a sharing moment on the ice during our traditional Sunday morning public session. Small exercises, technical and artistic information and stories, dialogues and Q&A. For 90 minutes, wearing skates or sneakers, come join and explore different forms of movement and expression on the ice.

Open stage

Moins 5 is one of the founding members of the Contemporary Skating Alliance foundation which first meeting took place in Monéteau from November 3rd to 5th, 2022 at CyberGlace skating rink. The 2 open stages are a possibility for artists from the CSA or not, to showcase to the audience a small artistic form — a part of a show, a solo or group performance, etc... Proposals must be sent in video to contact@moins5.org or on audition at the CyberGlace rink, by appointment.

Pièce de théâtre sur glace
Le Patin Libre
More about Le Patin Libre
Pièce de théâtre sur glace
Short video clip
Pièce de théâtre sur glace
More about the play
Pièce de théâtre sur glace
More about the show
Pièce de théâtre sur glace
More about the rink


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